Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One LONG driveway to shovel!

I actually shoveled it all today. But you'd never know it now as it just won't stop snowing. I don't think my 52 year old body can do it again tomorrow without a day to rest in between - plus I think there's gonna be a lot more snow on it now! They say this weekend we're getting a warm up so we'll have some melting and then it can all freeze back up again. I wish I was a bear and hibernated all winter!

Reddog was hilarious though today I really laughed and laughed hard. He had his tennis ball and he would drop it - then try to move it with his paw - like he could on "dry land" and of course every time he did that the ball would go deeper and deeper. Then he'd have his head way down in the snow trying to get the ball and his tail wagging - was too cute. He eventually came back without the ball - we most likely won't see that one till Spring (good thing we have more). Wish I had gotten more pictures of that!

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Beth Alexander (Cryztalvisions) said...

Wow that's a Looong driveway to shovel. I don't envy you at all. Definitely give yourself a break and forgo shoveling at least until after Christmas.

Happy Holidays