Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am so late for my October special - I know! But I will get something out shortly and I will have it continue through November. I've been busy! That's a great thing!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm still cold. Today's show was at a hospital - but it was outside. After the rain yesterday - and expecting us crafty folks - they unfortunately did not think to stop the sprinklers from going off. SO we set up on drenched thick green sod. Everyone had wet shoes and pants half way to their knees. We Etsian's (There were 7 of us there together in basically 4 spots) were also down grade so your shoes actually stuck to the wet stuff. We put tarps down for folks to walk on which helped a tad under the canopies.

Traffic was so so. The sun was out maybe 20 minutes the whole time. Temps in the 50's and the wind blew not horribly but enough to knock down people's lighter displays many times and when we were packing up it was getting VERY windy. We were cold - between the wet shoes/ socks/ pants - lack of sun and the breezes - just COLD. I vowed not to turn my heat on tonight at home but I gave in - and my face is red with windburn. Forgot to take my little cart so there was way more carrying for way too far a ways and I "ain't gettin any younger".

On a good note my last 2 shows are INDOORS! Well gotta get back to pouring - I am a little behind!