Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Time!

My daughter is - as I type this - on her way to Washington DC. My sister will be at a rally in Cambridge, MD. Tomorrow will truly be an exciting day for this country.

There is just something about this upcoming President that just speaks HOPE to this country. I was amazed on election night and right after - how many people I heard from - from so many other countries - among them Australia and Germany - who were so cognizant of our politics, and were also truly excited about the results.

I know I will be glued to the set. While none of the serious issues we face as a country will be solved overnight, I am truly optimistic that Barack Obama is truly the best man for the job. A wonderful historic day and truly exciting!


Adorn Me jewelry said...

I agree! I was beaming all day after watching the inauguration. President Obama's speech was superb and inspirational. I also enjoyed the closing benediction given by Dr. Joseph Lowery. Just wonderful all the way around. It will remain to be seen just how things go, but it's already a historic Presidency, and like so many others, I have a lot of hope. :)

Sweet Surrender Candles said...

There is a lot of hope out there among SO many people who have faith in what this President can do - and pride in what our country has done by recognizing we could change history and doing it :) It was a wonderful day watching all the festivities - even how sweet Barack and Michelle danced together. You could only imagine what they are feeling, and it sure brought happy tears to many an eye!

Adorn Me jewelry said...

Including mine... :c)

I missed some of the pre-inauguration shows, as I was here, in front of the computer, working. My hubby (a Canadian -- I'm an American) called me and reminded me. The house was packed at his work, here in Montreal, with people taking their lunch break in front of the TV. What affects the U.S. affects Canada, quite often, so many Canadians have been very interested in all of this. I loved that dance, too. But sheesh, how nervous-making: millions of people watching you and your partner dance? No pressure, of course!